TEDxFolsom Unveils Speaker Lineup for Its Upcoming June 22 “REIMAGINE” Themed Event

Folsom, California – TEDxFolsom, a TED-licensed event celebrated for bringing together local voices and leading experts, is excited to announce the lineup of speakers for the live event on June 22 at the Harris Center for the Arts. Under the theme of “REIMAGINE,” TEDxFolsom aspires to forge a collaborative space where speakers, partners, and attendees collectively explore innovative concepts to enhance our future.

The essence of “REIMAGINE” lies in merging the present with the boundless possibilities of tomorrow, aiming to spark great ideas that have the potential to transform our community and reach beyond. At TEDxFolsom, we believe in the power of discussion to amplify these ideas, fostering a community-wide matrix of perspectives enriched through engaging dialogue.

Our mission is to present a diverse array of voices and topics, stimulating in-depth discussions that continue well beyond the event. This dynamic selection of speakers ensures that TEDxFolsom will serve as a catalyst for deeper understanding and inspiration:

  • Daniel Farber Huang
  • Dr. Catlin Tucker
  • Tiffani Sharp
  • Rishi Ambavanekar
  • Aryana Altaha
  • Janice Burt
  • Jill Osur
  • Elizabeth Coleman
  • Justin Black
  • Charles Gellman
  • Jacob Rangel
  • Brook Wineland
  • Kaleem Joy

“TEDxFolsom is a beacon of progress, designed to illuminate innovative ideas across a spectrum of disciplines,” states Matthew Loughran, Executive Director of TEDxFolsom. “Our ambition extends far beyond hosting events; it’s about activating a progress engine that brings to light transformative concepts and perspectives. With a goal to touch the lives of 10,000 individuals in Northern California through our live gatherings and to extend our reach to 2 million people globally via our video content within the next five years, we are committed to showcasing the diverse and unique contributions that emanate from our vibrant community. TEDxFolsom stands as a dynamic platform where every conversation and idea contributes to the global tapestry of change, innovation, and progress.”

We invite you to join us on June 22, 2024, for an event filled with ideas that challenge, inspire, and expand our perceptions. Let’s come together to reshape what’s possible. For information on partnerships or to attend, visit https://tedxfolsom.com.

Stay connected and join the conversation on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tedxfolsom/) and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/tedxfolsom/).

About TEDx, x = independently organized event

TEDx events, marked by the ‘x’ signifying independently organized TED events, aim to create local experiences that bring people together for deep discussion and connection, similar to a TED-like experience. These events combine TED Talks videos and live speakers to spark conversation and community engagement.

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