PJ LaChele’s Inspirational Journey “The End of the Beginning” to Debut at the London Book Fair


London, UK –PJ LaChele’s impactful book, “The End of the Beginning: The Preached Word of God that Laid the Foundation for the Bridging the Gap Ministry Empire,” is poised to make its debut at the London Book Fair on March 13th and 14th, promising to deliver a powerful message of unity and resilience.

This compelling narrative authored by LaChele offers an insightful look into the establishment of a diverse and inclusive church amidst the challenging backdrop of Chicago. The book recounts Pastor Dan Willis’s remarkable journey, who, starting as a young stand-in pastor, nurtured a congregation that transcended cultural and societal divides.

“The End of the Beginning” is not merely a story; it is a blueprint for building communities that foster unity and understanding. The London Book Fair, a globally recognized event in the publishing industry, provides an ideal stage for this influential work to garner international attention.

TC Bradley, LaChele’s publisher, expressed great enthusiasm about the book’s potential international impact: “PJ LaChele’s narrative is not just transformative; it is revolutionary in its approach to healing and bridging communities. This book is poised to leave a profound mark on its readers and the international literary world.”

Business partner Audrey Stromberg also shared her excitement for the book’s showcase at the London event: “We are thrilled to present ‘The End of the Beginning’ at the London Book Fair. This is a story that needs to be told, one that offers hope and direction in times where division seems prevalent. It’s more than a book; it’s a movement towards greater understanding and togetherness.”

The London Book Fair, known for its dynamic role in rights negotiation and distribution across various media channels, attracts a diverse array of global professionals, making it a fitting venue for LaChele’s inspiring work.

For more details about PJ LaChele and “The End of the Beginning,” please visit: PJLachele.com


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