PeggyLee Hanson’s Anthology “Courage Under Siege: Hurt to Healing” Awarded Third Place in The BookFest Awards Spring 2024

Personal Transition Guidance, LLC is proud to announce that PeggyLee Hanson’s anthology series, “Courage Under Siege: Hurt to Healing,” has received third place in the Nonfiction Anthologies category at The BookFest Awards Spring 2024. This accolade is a testament to the anthology’s impactful narratives that provide transformative insights and emotional healing to its readers.

The BookFest Awards, held bi-annually, are renowned for recognizing literary excellence across various categories. The Nonfiction Anthologies category specifically honors collections that offer significant cultural, educational, or emotional contributions. “Courage Under Siege: Hurt to Healing” compiles poignant stories of resilience that guide readers through personal adversities to a place of recovery and empowerment. This volume highlights the indomitable spirit of those who have faced and overcome profound challenges.

“We are thrilled that ‘Courage Under Siege: Hurt to Healing’ has been honored by The BookFest Awards,” said PeggyLee Hanson, founder of Personal Transition Guidance, LLC and the driving force behind Courageous Women Publications™. “This recognition not only celebrates the courage of our contributors but also aligns with our mission to deliver stories that resonate deeply with audiences around the world.”

Following the success of this volume, Hanson is actively seeking contributors for the forthcoming installment in the “Courage Under Siege” series. This opportunity allows individuals to share their own experiences of overcoming adversity, supported by comprehensive training in narrative development, marketing strategies, and monetization of their work. Participants will have their contributions published in both print and audiobook formats, available on, and will benefit from Hanson’s expertise in professional publishing.

For those interested in contributing to “Courage Under Siege, Volume 7,” detailed information and submission guidelines are available at Participation in the project includes a fee of $4,000 for a 4000-word chapter, encompassing personalized writing workshops, marketing training, and publication.

PeggyLee Hanson is a respected author, publisher, and mentor. Through her company, Courageous Women Publications™, she facilitates the creation of meaningful literary works that capture life’s pivotal moments and encourage readers to explore their own paths of personal growth and resilience.

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