From Bankruptcy to Empire: How Jim Shorkey Staged the Comeback of the Century

In a raw and riveting interview on Dionne Malush’s podcast “Shine On Success,” retired automobile titan Jim Shorkey gave unprecedented insight into the mindset principles that fueled his rags-to-riches turnaround story.

Shorkey took the reins of his family’s auto dealership in 1990 after his father’s passing, brimming with confidence to take the business to new heights. However, by 1998 mounting bad decisions left the company essentially bankrupt with over $100K in negative balances.

Utterly desperate, Shorkey turned to the teachings of Napoleon Hill and struck a deal, as he recounted to Malush: “If you can get me out of this mess, I promise you I will do exactly what you tell me to do. I will dot the i’s, and I will cross the t’s.”

With a renewed focus and the help of mentors like his late business partner Mr. Hamilton, Shorkey painstakingly followed Hill’s principles on achieving success. He also credits maintaining a solution-focused mindset, noting on the podcast interview: “Thoughts create feelings, we turn those into actions, and then we’re going to produce results…Stay in this negative quagmire, you’re going to get bad results.”

Through determination and an openness to learn, Shorkey executed a complete 180-turnaround. Over several years he built his dealership into the thriving, 20-location, 1,000 employee Jim Shorkey Auto Group empire, before retiring after a successful 4 decade career.

Wishing to pay forward the wisdom and positive mentality that saved his career, 67-year old Shorkey now runs a coaching program dubbed “Rethink You” offering guidance for overcoming obstacles and actualizing one’s goals.

About Shine On Success Podcast

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