“Deploying High” by Chief Gene Saunders and Nora Firestone becomes a #1 Bestseller in 4 Countries

Project Lifesaver International announces the success of “Deploying High: The man, the mission, and the story behind Project Lifesaver International,” a kindle book authored by Chief Gene Saunders and Nora Firestone, which was released on Amazon on March 15th, 2023. The book has become a #1 bestseller in dozens of categories, taking multiple #1 spots on the lists in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia, selling more copies than other noteworthy books like “Good to Great,” “Who Moved My Cheese?”, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” “The E-Myth Revisited”, and others.

“Deploying High” is a biography of Chief Gene Saunders, which provides insight into his leadership journey in developing Project Lifesaver International into the leading force in special-focus search-and-rescue for the cognitively impaired. Through the use of personal locators, drones, tracking devices, and expert field staff, Project Lifesaver International has successfully saved over 4,000 cognitively impaired people prone to wandering. “Deploying High” is their life-saving story and a testimony to Saunders’ leadership and perseverance.

As a biography, “Deploying High” has stood alongside other notable biographies like Elon Musk and Prince Harry and surpassed books by Ray Kroc, founder of McDonald’s, and Sam Walton, founder of Walmart. It has also reached #1 in multiple categories, including Nonprofit Organizations & Charities, Industries & Professions, Disaster Relief, Philanthropy & Charity, Current Events, Business Life, Workplace Behavior, and more.

Chief Gene Saunders stated, “I am deeply humbled and grateful for the support of everyone who has purchased and read ‘Deploying High.’ I never expected that our story would resonate with so many people and become a #1 bestseller in multiple bestsellers lists. I hope that this success will bring more attention to the mission of Project Lifesaver International and inspire others to join us in our efforts to save lives.”

“Deploying High” is an inspiring and informative read for anyone who is interested in law enforcement, search-and-rescue operations, and public safety. It highlights the importance of technological advancements and innovative thinking in developing effective solutions for real-world problems.

To purchase “Deploying High” on Amazon, visit https://www.amazon.com/dp/1947436058.

For more information about Project Lifesaver International, visit https://projectlifesaver.org/.


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