Coach to host webinar to help people transform their lives and achieve their goals

A new webinar is set to help people who feel trapped by their day-to-day lives find their purpose so they can achieve their dreams.

Lifestyle transformation coach Todd Baker helps people reach their goals and change their lives for the better through his business Project 9 Life. Now he is hoping to help even more people with a live webinar on Tuesday, February 13. 

The Progress Webinar will start at 8pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) on Zoom and will cost just $6 to attend. The live session will cover the important questions you need to ask yourself to get yourself ready for change as well as advice on how to set goals and find your true purpose. 

Todd, who lives in Denver, Colorado, says: “If you are feeling trapped living an ordinary life and want more but are struggling to find clarity and purpose, this webinar is for you. We will cover the questions you need to ask yourself and the work you need to do as well as how to structure your goals and find your why, so you aren’t just ready for the growth you are about to make happen, but hungry for it.” 

The in-person webinar will cover mindset and looking at goals in terms of your lifetime rather than short term targets. Those who take part will go away with a clear understanding of what they need to do to best equip themselves for success and how they can work out what is really driving them to want to change their lives. 

Todd, who is originally from Athens, Georgia, transformed his own life back in 2020 after making a New Year’s resolution to get more active and lose weight. His resolve lasted just three days before he gave up on the fourth day because it was snowing outside. 

But he quickly decided to start again realising that he didn’t want to lose weight for himself but to be an active father for his two children. He made just three simple lifestyle changes – cutting out carbs, avoiding added sugars and going for a walk every day and lost 100lb in just 12 months.  

He now uses the techniques he used and developed to help others make positive changes of their own and build success into their lifestyle. This includes breaking down big goals into small and meaningful steps. 

To find out more and book your place on the webinar, visit    

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