Christine Franklyn Announces the Official Launch of Her YouTube Channel, Showcasing Hidden Gems in Barbados

Content Creator Christine Franklyn is filling a gap that no one else has filled until now. The More To Do In Barbados YouTube channel takes visitors and locals off the beaten path to discover the best eateries and exciting adventures on the island of Barbados.

“This channel brings a fresh look at Barbados and it’s an exciting opportunity for both visitors and locals to discover culinary innovations, unique artisanal products, and thrilling adventures off the beaten path,” said Franklyn.

In her captivating new YouTube channel, Christine Franklyn is redefining the way travelers and locals experience Barbados. Titled “More To Do In Barbados,” this channel provides a unique perspective on the hidden gems of this enchanting island. From mouthwatering eateries to adrenaline-pumping adventures, Christine takes viewers on a journey that unveils the true essence of Barbados.

One of the highlights featured on the channel is the Rally Barbados event, a thrilling motorsport extravaganza that captivates competitors and spectators from around the world. With exclusive footage and behind-the-scenes access, Christine brings the excitement of this event to life, showcasing the passion and adrenaline that fuels the rally.

But it’s not just high-octane action that Christine captures. She also delves into the cultural and culinary delights that Barbados has to offer. Holders Farmers Market, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and diverse range of local produce, is given a spotlight on the channel. Additionally, Christine highlights the island’s best rum punch, a true Bajan delicacy that visitors simply cannot miss.

Through her unique storytelling and engaging cinematography, Christine Franklyn immerses viewers in the rich tapestry of Barbadian culture. From off-the-beaten-path adventures to hidden culinary treasures, “More To Do In Barbados” offers an authentic and unforgettable experience for both locals and tourists.

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About Christine Franklyn:

Founder of The Good Living Network, Christine Franklyn is a passionate advocate for living a fulfilling life while pursuing one’s passions. She created and hosted the Simplify Your Marketing Summit, a platform designed to empower passion-driven entrepreneurs to make a greater impact in the world and achieve freedom in their life and business.

As a co-author of two bestselling books, “Thrive and Prosper” and “Raising the Game,” as well as “Power Her Success,” Christine has established herself as a respected authority in the business and personal development space. She also hosts the Reclaim Your A-Game podcast and previously served as the Category Director for Health and Fitness with Podcast Magazine.

With a background as an entertainment TV host and award-winning radio announcer, Christine’s love for broadcasting blossomed during her time at Emerson College in Boston, alma mater of Maria Menounos, Henry Winkler and Jay Leno, among other luminaries in communications and performing arts.

After several years abroad, living in Boston, Canada and London, and traveling the world, Christine knew the best use of her MBA would be in building her own business. She decided to return to her beloved home country, Barbados, where she resides with her husband.

Just as Rihanna proudly represents Barbados, Christine is on a mission to showcase the island’s artisanal creativity and unexpected delights beyond its popular beaches. Through her YouTube channel, “More To Do In Barbados,” she invites viewers to discover the hidden gems that make this little island a true paradise.

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