Cameron Bryant, Founder of Found Revenue Solutions & Senior Retirement Specialist at Federal Employees Services Association, Interviewed on Podcast

Cameron Bryant discusses the importance of balance in retirement planning.

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Balanced retirement portfolios are crucial for ensuring stability and growth in retirement. Cameron  Bryant, founder of Found Revenue Solutions, the importance of having a mix of protected and risky investments, emphasized as key to achieving financial security during retirement years.

 Cameron stressed the need to balance risk and protection in a retirement portfolio. He highlighted the necessity of having a portion of the portfolio in protected and guaranteed investments to safeguard against market volatility, lawsuits, and probate court issues. These protected investments provide security and peace of mind for retirees, ensuring their funds are shielded from potential losses.

Additionally, Cameron mentioned the significance of including some risky investments in the portfolio to potentially generate higher returns. While risky investments carry more uncertainty, they offer growth opportunities that may outperform protected assets over the long term. However, it is essential to manage the level of risk exposure based on individual risk tolerance and financial goals.

Cameron also discussed the impact of market downturns on retirement portfolios, citing the 2008 financial crisis as an example. Diversifying the portfolio with a mix of protected and risky investments can help retirees mitigate the impact of market fluctuations and maintain financial stability.

Furthermore, Cameron touched upon the importance of considering tax implications in retirement planning. He recommended strategies such as gradually transitioning funds into Roth accounts to manage tax liabilities and potentially benefit from tax-free income in retirement. By strategically allocating assets and considering tax-efficient investment options, retirees can optimize their income streams and minimize tax burdens in retirement.

In conclusion, the podcast episode underscores the significance of maintaining a balanced retirement portfolio with a combination of protected and risky investments. By striking the right balance between security and growth potential, individuals can enhance their financial resilience, achieve long-term financial goals, and enjoy a stable retirement lifestyle.

Cameron shared: “We help our clients to shorten or eliminate the income gap when they retire. Then we will implement a solution to eliminate the income cliff that can be the demise of a married couple.”  



About Cameron Bryant 

Over 33 years of experience in working with Business Owners, Seniors, Federal employees, and Franchisees in the planning and development of Tax-Favored Retirement plans, Living Trusts, Buy/Sell Agreements, Executive Bonus Plans Marketing, and Wellness Benefit programs. I was able to work exclusively with the Franchisee of 7-11, Mobil, Shell, Hallmark, and Yamaha to create personal as well as business Retirement Plans. Working now exclusively with Federal Employees and retirees in helping them understand their benefits and helping them retire with a sound and stable plan. 


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